​​​​Frequently Asked Questions
WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Unable to attend the monthly HOA meeting?  You have a question for the Board?  Please use the "CONTACT US" link (in top menu) to send your question, concern or idea.  The Board will answer questions and post here, FAQ section, and a copy of the FAQ'S received each month will be available at the next monthly HOA meeting, if appropriate. If you attend the meeting, you may ask your question, concern or idea in open forum and they may be added to the FAQ. The correct answers and information are key to maintaining our neighborhood. Click here for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you,
The Board

Clubhouse Rental

Homeowners and Tenants:  The clubhouse is available for rental! Please contact Veronica Navarrete with MASC Austin Properties, Inc.,

713-776-1771. All reservations must be made between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please note that reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.  A $225.00 rental fee and $350.00 deposit must accompany all reservations. Please

click here for the rental form.

Yard of The Month
Yard of the Month is from May to September. ​​Three winners will be chosen each month. The prize is a $50 gift card and a sign displayed in the yard.​​ Effective August 1, 2019, make sure to hold on to your sign!  In order to receive your gift card, the sign will be picked up by the HOA at the end of the month and your gift card will be mailed to you. The Holiday Lighting Contest is each year in December. Thank you to all the residents who make Townewest beautiful! (Stipulation:  In order to be eligible for Yard of the Month and the Holiday Lighting Contest, homeowners/residents must be current with assessments and no outstanding violations. No consecutive winners).

Is your landscaping growing over your property line?  Hanging over your neighbors property? Did you know your neighbor has the right to cut it off their property without your permission and you can do nothing about it.  You are in the wrong if your landscaping is intruding on someone else’s property.

So, if your neighbor’s landscaping is intruding onto your property, please speak with your neighbor first to come up with a solution.  If that is not effective, take pictures and cut it.

People...a little respect goes a long way.  Try talking with your neighbors first.

Sharing a Fence
If you share a fence line with your neighbor, it is considered a shared fence. The costs of repairing or replacing should be shared. For fencing facing a road (front or back fence), the homeowner is solely responsible for the repair or replacement of that fence.

Leash Law
Please remember the leash law requires that any animal outside your residence or fenced yard must be on a leash.  To report strays or loose animals, please call animal control at 281-342-1512.

Going On Vacation?
Going out out town or vacation?  Here are a few reminders to keep your property safe while you and your family enjoy a great time.

  • Ask your neighbor, family member or friend to collect your mail, newspaper, etc., or place a hold on your mail and newspaper
  • Make sure a family member or friend knows where you are in case of an emergency
  • Leave a key with a family member or friend 
  • Call or log on to Fort Bend MUD #2 Security Patrol and be placed on the "house watch list"

Inoperable Vehicles
Non-working, inoperable vehicles, vehicles with flat tires, mounted on blocks, wrecked, etc., are not allowed.  Vehicles cannot remain parked for excessive periods of time without being moved. All vehicles must have current license plates and inspection stickers. 
Pet Stations
Townewest HOA has two  "pet stations", one located at Gulfstream Park and the other at the Clubhouse. Please pick up after your pet. 

Mobile Vet

The Mobile Vet is scheduled twice a year. The next visit will March 2020. Place: Clubhouse Date: TBD. Time: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Garage Sale & Other Signage
Signs, garage sale notices, advertising, lost pets, services, or events should not be attached to any stop sign or street sign.  Remember to pick up your signs.

​​Important Numbers 

Emergency: 911
Ft. Bend Cnty Non Emergency Sheriff, Fire, Ambulance: 281-341-4665
Northeast Ft. Bend Cnty Fire Dept: 281-341-4665
Ambulance: 281-341-4665
FBC MUD 2 Patrol: 713-504-1978
Medical Transportation Program: 877-633-8747
MASC Austin Properties, Inc: 713-776-1771
Poison Control: 800-764-7661
Fort Bend County Courthouse: 281-341-3710
Animal Control: 281-342-1512
Ft. Bend Road/Bridge Repair: 281-342-4513
TX Environmental Waste: 281-368-8397
Recycling Center: 281-342-5226
Reliant Energy:713-207-7777
Reliant Energy Entex: 713-659-2111
Fort Bend MUD #2 (Billing): 281-290-6507
(24-hr Report Leaks, Sewer): 281-290-6503
WCA (trash & recycling services): 281-368-8397

Townewest Elementary:  281-634-4480
Barrington Place Elementary:  281-634-4040
Sugar Land Middle School:  281-634-3080
Kempner High School:  281-634-2300

Links and Emails

Community Crime Map

Email the Fort Bend MUD #2 Patrol

Email the Property Manager

Fort Bend County

Fort Bend County ER Management

Fort Bend County Road and Bridge

Fort Bend County Sheriff

Fort Bend ISD

Fort Bend MUD #2

MASC Austin Properties, Inc.

Report A Street Light Outage

WCA Trash

TX Road Closures

TX Sex Offender Registry

Fort Bend County Medicine Drop Boxes

The County has several safe places where you can discard unused or expired medications. Please click here for a list of locations.